The Secrets and Benefits of Shiatsu Massage

Bamboo massage.


If you are someone who is undergoing stress, tiredness, and muscle tension, then you should try massage therapy for their relief.  You should try going to a spa or massage parlor and choose among the different types of massages that they are offering.  If they are offering different types of massages, and then it will definitely be difficult to choose from among them.  A massage therapy that addresses your needs is the best Shiatsu Therapy to choose from.


One such technique is Shiatsu, which is a unique Japanese massage technique.  In Shiatsu they focus on the acupuncture pressure points of your body.  Shiatsu brings your body into balance by moving Ki (energy) in the meridians.   For people who suffer from tight shoulders and a weak lower back, this indicates that there is too much Ki in the upper back and too little in the lower back.  IN shiatsu, there is a gentle application of pressure in the acupuncture meridians in order to address the imbalances of energy.


You will find that if you compare Shiatsu with other massage techniques you will find a lot of differences.  Shiatsu is much more gentle and its focus is on moving the flow of Ki at a deeper level.  Although Shiatsu uses pressure, this massage technique is relaxing and effective to relieve stress.  Shiatsu does not really focus on the disease itself but it has a direct effect on the meridians which help to unblock the meridian points where the Ki is blocked and causes health problems.  This is due to the face that diseases are merely caused by unbalanced Ki in the body.  The goals of shiatsu massage is to achieve the harmony of Ki in the human body.


Shiatsu massage is the application of pressure on the different parts of the body using fingers, palms, elbows, and knees of their hands.   In shiatsu massage they apply pressure along the meridians so that energy blockages will be balanced off and the optimal flow of Ki be re-established.  It takes around 45 minutes to an hour for each treatment. They start massaging your back and then move on to the front of your body.  Therapists should be informed beforehand if you have a medical condition, injuries or illnesses.  You should also tell your Osteopathy Oakville ON therapist where you accumulate the most muscle tension and stress.  When your session is done and the muscle tightness is relieved, then you will feel very relaxed.


Relaxation of deep muscles and tissues, reduction of anxiety and stress, improved blood circulation, release of bodily toxins, increased flexibility, balance of Ki, an increase in mental and spiritual awareness are the benefits of Shiatsu massage.


A convenient cushion which is a real massage chair mechanism was developed as a technological breakthrough.  The effects and benefits of using a massage cushion is much like the effects and benefits of traditional shiatsu massage although in a much more convenient way.


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